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Ballerina Club

Ballerina Club is a unique class, created to make Ballet really fun for our youngest students. Through story-telling, dance adventures and games, our gorgeous little ballerinas learn beautiful movements and develop their dance technique.
It’s so easy to fall in love with Ballet and dance when you have passionate teachers who are kind and nurturing. Our passionate and dedicated Ballerina Club teachers love to inspire, teach and create the next generation of talented Soul Dance Studio kids. 
This 30- minute class incorporates magic wands, fairy dust, ribbons, balloons, butterfly wings and dolls.  Learn important techniques like pliés, turn out and pointed toes as they are introduced to the magical world of Ballet, providing solid technical foundations to help our young dancers excel in all styles of dance when they're older. 
There’s no chance of ever being bored in a Ballerina Club class when you’re flying with Fairies, tracing rainbows, catching butterflies and being a Princess. Every Ballerina Club class is scheduled directly before or after Tumble Club so it is the perfect addition to our Tumble club program, or it can be a stand-alone class for those little ones who only want to do Ballet.
Boys are also welcome in our Ballerina Club class, and our clever teachers incorporate elves, princes, wizards, robots and cowboys into the narrative of the lesson. Your child will feel like a real ballerina and will adore every moment of our Ballerina Club.
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